Caring for Your Patients with Aquasonic

When it comes to making choices about the products you want to use for your patients, there are plenty of options. The point to take into consideration is that it is crucial to work with a supplier who has a working knowledge of the business. With Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel, you are not ordering from a big box supply company that lacks customer service skills. You are working closely with an organization that even has specialized knowledge when it comes to ultrasound and related supplies.

It should come as no surprise that we treat our customers the same manner in which we assume our customers want to treat their patients. We like to establish a working relationship, be available to answer any questions, offer only the best in quality and price as well as make sure our customers know they are the first priority.

How This Helps Your Patients

By using only the best in the industry, you can be certain that your patients will have the most comfortable experience possible, with clearer and more accurate results. So, when it comes to trusting in the products that can actually make a difference in your patients’ care and the experience, it only makes sense to rely on Aquasonic and the products we have hand selected to carry.

In fact, consider even our company name sake: ultrasound gel. For this, only the best would do and we carry the trusted Parker Laboratories brand, a brand that has been considered a trusted, leading expert in the industry for more than 50 years. When it comes to ultrasound gel, the Parker Laboratories were at the forefront of developing and continuing to improve upon it over time.

Other Ways Aquasonic Helps You Care for Your Patients

Not only do we offer the best in quality brands in the industry, we also carry products that will help you take care of your patients by going above and beyond. For instance, you may be interested in using:

  • Gel warmers – Help make your patients’ experience with the ultrasound as comfortable as possible with the use of a gel warmer. Whether your patients are there for the first time or have had sonography work before, an ultrasound can be uncomfortable. Make the most out of the experience by using a gel warmer before use.
  • Probe covers – Covers are required and help protect your probe, but many medical field professionals are still opting to use condoms or rubber gloves. Probe covers are designed to fit medical industry probes, which means your patient will be much more at ease. Not only that but your patients will be more relaxed, which makes the entire procedure easier to carry out in less time and more likely to have clearer images to determine the results.
  • Disinfectant spray – While making sure everything in your office meets regulations for cleanliness and hygiene and is free from bacteria, this ensures your patients safety. In fact, it can be used even during the procedures to continue to reduce the risk of problems.

When it comes to caring for your patients, rely on the company that has their best interest in mind as well as yours as the customer.

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