Top Five Benefits of an Ultrasound Gel Warmer

As one of the trusted medical professionals in the field today, it is important to take all steps possible to care for your patients. Of course, making them comfortable should be included in this and it goes without saying. In fact, this is a large part of what being in the medical field is all about, making patients comfortable with their experience.

Using an ultrasound gel warmer is important for several reasons:

  • Improve patient’s experience – Using a gel warmer can vastly improve the experience your patient has. Many medical professionals find using the kind that brings gel to body temperature can be a huge difference between a patient being uncomfortable with the procedure or relaxed. Remember, ultrasounds are not just used for the good news of letting a new mom see the first images of her baby. Many patients, who are having an ultrasound for part of breast abnormality detection or other reasons, are already feeling afraid and uncomfortable.
  • Establish trust – Using an ultrasound gel warmer also helps establish trust with your patients. Many of your patients will need sonography procedures on a regular basis. If you work to make their experience as pleasant as possible, then you can establish a good relationship with them. This also means they will continue to come back to you in the future as well.
  • Easy to use – The ultrasound gel warmers designed by Parker Laboratories are easy to use, which means there really is no excuse not to use this additional feature to help your patients feel comfortable. These are designed to be wall mountable, which means they will not take up valuable counter space or be in the way. Not to mention it is much easier to use with your hands already full if the warmer is wall mounted.
  • Enhance patient comfort – The quality of this type of ultrasound gel warmer also means your gel can retain a constant temperature so all of you patients have the same level of comfort during an ultrasound. This prevents the gel from being too warm and also from falling below the comfortable body temperature level.
  • Cost effective – There is also a surprisingly low electrical demand required to use your ultrasound gel warmer. So, even those medical professionals who are using several of these in a smaller private office will not see much impact on utility bills. In addition, those trying to be more “green” or environmentally conscious do not have to be concerned that the electrical drain is too great.

The bottom line is that when it comes to caring for patients, medical professionals owe it their clientele to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Of course, this means more than just having instruments such as ultrasound gel warmers in place; it means having the highest level of quality.

Do not settle for a gel warmer that is not of the same standards as Parker Laboratories. Some gel warmers can heat gel too much and cause skin irritation or let the gel fall below body temperature causing the patient discomfort.

If you want the best for your patients, be sure to give only the best to them.

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