Making a First Ultrasound a Comfortable Experience

There are many reasons a patient may have an ultrasound done. Even for those excited new expectant moms, however, the experience can be a little unsettling. No matter what you, as a trained medical professional, do to improve the level of quality and comfort of the experience, you can still expect patients to be nervous, timid and even a little squeamish. Some, in fact, may still be downright frightened. It is not that common, but it is still your job to try to make this procedure as pleasant an experience as possible for your patients.

In addition to using the best quality ultrasound gel available from, there are some other tips to help make your patients’ ultrasound experience as comfortable as possible.

  • Try to gauge the level of anxiety of your patient. For those who don’t seem nervous, giving them any kind of pep talk could actually end up making them nervous. Those patients who seem overcome with anxiety will need a little more coaxing and comforting before the process starts and through each step.
  • Also, try to determine if your patients seem to want to talk through it or would rather stay quiet. While it is most important for you to get the job done, you can still engage with patients who seem to need some level of ongoing communication. One very important thing to keep in mind is that if you are performing an ultrasound and then suddenly go quiet, your patient is likely to be concerned that you have spotted something irregular or wrong. Try to keep your patient informed and calm, even when you first spot an area that needs further evaluation.
  • In most cases, patients do prefer warm gel. Because the experience is a bit odd to first timers to begin with, the higher the level of comfort you can provide them with the better. Quality gel warmers are intended to keep the gel at a level that is close to a person’s natural body temperature. Without using one that is from a reputable manufacturer, you may end up with gel that is too hot to the touch, too cool or an uneven mix as the warmer fails to maintain a steady temperature.
  • • When you order Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel products, you are getting the best gels that come from the trusted Parker Laboratories name. We offer both the Aquasonic 100 and the Aquasonic Clear for you to use with your patients. Both products are hypoallergenic, non-irritating and bacteriostatic, which means even the most sensitive of patients should not have any reactions. Of course, with the Aquasonic Clear Ultrasound Transmission Gel you are offering your patients a product that is also free of salt, formaldehyde, color or fragrance.

The bottom line is to keep in mind how your patients may be feeling. As the medical expert, it is easy to get lost in the technical end of it and forget how a patient may be feeling. For you it is another day at work, and for each patient it could be a truly life changing experience. Make it a point to make sure that experience is as comfortable as possible.

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